Thursday, September 25, 2014

Generation 18 (Spook Squad #2) by Keri Arthur

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

What Goodreads says:

A serial killer striking every twelve hours. A Kite monster murdering at random. Though neither event seems related, Agents Sam Ryan and Gabriel Stern quickly discover a link between the two-the military base known as Hopeworth. But are the serial killings a military cover-up that has gone dangerously wrong, or is there a deeper, more personal reason behind the murders of the red-headed adoptees? And are the so-called random attacks of the Kites nothing more than a methodical clean-up of a past mistake?As the investigation continues, Sam discovers a connection between herself and the murder victims, a connection that implies a link to Hopeworth itself. But if she is a product of the military, why does Hopeworth appear to know nothing about her? With the killings escalating and the danger drawing closer to home, Sam not only has to battle to bring a killer to justice, but to save Gabriel's life. And the one person who seems to hold the key to what is going on, as well as what has happened in Sam's past, is the mysterious man who saved her life. But does she dare believe his words or the dreams she seems to share with him? Because this mystery man may not be just her enemy, but the enemy of humankind itself.

Generation 18 is book two in the Spook Squad series. Much of the world building and character development is done in Memory Zero, book one, so read it first.

Sam Ryan and Gabriel Stern are again at the center of the book.  While the murders seem to be the center of the plot it is the relationship between Sam and Gabriel that really drives the story. They have been put together as partners and that is causing trouble. Gabriel does not want a partner and does everything he can to run Sam off.  Going off alone does not work well for either of them.  Both end up in very dangerous situation where the other has to come to the rescue.

I do love Sam.  She knows nothing about her life before she was 15 and that is a mystery that drives some of the things she does.  Her job is the center of her life but learning about her past is also important.  She has unexpected powers manifesting and she needs to learn more about who and what she is. 

Gabriel deserves several quick swift kicks for the way he treats Sam.  The minute he realizes he is showing any compassion or concern he shuts down and lock Sam out.

There are several new side characters that will carry over to the next book and some that come to a very bad end in Generation 18.  The killings are solved here and there is additional information about Sam.  But there is still a lot left over for Penumbra, the next book that comes out in October.

Dell published Generation 18 by Keri Arthur in 2014.  The book is a reprint of a earlier addition.

I received an ARC of Generation 18 from Netgalley in return for an honest review.

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