Sunday, November 9, 2008

Heart Duel by Robin Owens

Paranormal Romance

Heart Duel is the third book in Robin Owens Science Fiction Romance series set on Celta. Celta is a planet where physic powers replace the tech of our world. Flair is the physic power and everyone has it to some extent. For some flair also reveals their heartmate, the person they are destined to be with for life. A person’s flair develops strength during a series of passages. It is during one of these passages that a heartmate is usually revealed. The fact that Holm Holly and Lark Collinson are Heartmates was not revealed during a passage because Holm Holly had to grow enough to be Lark’s heartmate. They are an unlikely pair of heartmates. Lark’s flair is for healing and she hates the street dueling that takes place on Celta. It was in a street duel that her healer husband was killed. Holm Holly’s flair is for fighting and he is a member of the premier fighting family on Celta. While Holm accepts the attraction between he and Lark, she refuses to accept that the attraction is anything other than a passing fling. It is certainly a romance, but the actions of Holm and Lark lead to some unexpected results. There are 7 of the award winning Heartmate books. I had read all but this one. I knew the result of Holm and Lark accepting that they were meant to be together but I was unprepared for the dark nature of the book. I would not recommend that anyone start with Heart Duel, but if you read the series this is a must read.


  1. Thank you. It's been a while since I wrote Heart Duel, and I think of some of the later books as darker, but there is a tough subplot left dangling in this particular book.

    However, I am currently harkening back to Heart Duel as I am writing about two characters introduced in this book: Cratag Maytree and Signet D'Marigold.

    Thanks again for your review.

  2. Robin, Thanks for your comment. I just started the blog and am still working on what I post. I realized after reading you comment that I did not recommend reading the entire series in my post. I really enjoy the series and now own copies of all the books. Not recommending the entire series was an oversite.

  3. Well, THANK YOU!

    :) Much dancing around bored cat.



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