Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Wives Tales By Lara Santiago

Be warned.  The Wives Tales by Lara Santiago are erotica.  If you do not like hot sex do not read these books.  However if you like a well written story with lots of hot sex and great characters try any of The Wives Tales.  There are four.  They are The Miner's Wife,  The Executive's Wife,  The Lawman's Wife and the The Mercenary's Wife.  I read The Miner's Wife first.  This is the story of Hannah and Brutal.  The Miner's Wife  had a great plot and was well paced.  What impressed me the most was that the sex was a logical part of the story.  Both Hannah and Brutal are characters that I liked and I was glad to see both of them in later stories.  The stories fit together and make a great read.  The books are published by Siren Publishing and are available in print and  ebooks.  I bought  all of The Wives Tales in the ebook form at

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