Wednesday, November 12, 2008

His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik

Alternate History

His Majesty’s Dragon is a new twist on two old themes. It is a fantasy novel about dragons and it is an alternate history novel about the Napoleonic Wars. This unlikely combination works. Dragon’s play a big part in the Napoleonic wars and both England and France use them in aerial combat. Dragon’s are also rare and any new dragon that hatches is welcomed. Will Lawrence is a sea Captain in His Majesty’s navy. He captures a French frigate that is carrying a dragon’s egg. The egg is about to hatch and the dragon will bond with one person. Somce England is in great need of more dragons and Will cannot get the ship to land before the egg hatches lots are drawn to see who bond with the dragon and become part of the aerial corp. Will lot is not drawn but the dragon when he hatches makes his own choice and Will is who he wants. Thus begins a life change for Will. In spite of their value, the Aerial Corp is not a respected arm of His Majesty’s military. Will must adjust to like away from the sea and to life as a partner to the dragon Temeraire. The story is a new look at a well known part of history. The addition of dragons and aerial combat changes this part of history. Temeraire the dragon is a rare breed of dragon and an interesting character. Dragons are intelligent and full of personality and Temeraire no exception. Temeraire is also a rare breed of dragon. This is the first book in a series about Will and Temeraire. If you like alternate military history His Majesty’s Dragon is a must read.

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