Monday, November 17, 2008

Starship: Mutiny, Book One by Mike Resnick

Science Fiction and Space Opera

Starship: Mutiny, published by Pry in 2005, is the first military science fiction novel by veteran writer Mike Resnick. Mike Resnick created the Birthright Universe over 25 years ago and had been writing stories set in that universe ever since. This story is set in the Birthright Universe during the Republic era, 3000 years in the future. The Republic is at war with the Teroni Federation. Wilson Cole has won two victories for the Republic, but in doing so he has disobeyed orders and lost two ships to secure the victories. For his efforts he has been sent to the Theodore Roosevelt as the ship’s second officer. The Teddy R, as it is called by its crew, is not a happy ship. Old, ready to be retired but kept in service because of the war, the Teddy R. is posted in the Phoenix Cluster, on the Rim and away from the main battles. This set-up is ripe for all kinds of problems and conflicts. Cole is very likeable, the Captain is not. The war comes to the Phoenix Cluster and the story moves from there. The entire story is told with snappy dialog that keeps the story moving. If you need to know something, one of the characters will tell you. The pace is fast moving and I did not want to put the book down. This is military science fiction and space opera at its best. I would give Starship: Mutiny 5 thumbs up. There are two additional books already out and a third due out this month.

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  1. Hi, JC! Thanks so much for adding my blog The Galaxy express to your list. Glad to have you visit.

    Nice review! I haven't read Mutiny but I did pick up Pirates last summer. I enjoyed his writing but I had to put the book aside indefinitely because it seemed light on plot and almost much of a comedy for my tastes.

    I may revisit it and pick up this one in the future if the mood strikes, however. He's a very talented writer.


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