Monday, November 3, 2008

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

Slave to Sensation, a paranormal romance, by Nalini Singh is set on an alternate Earth where the human race is divided into three distinct types. There are the normal humans like you and I, the Psys who have mental powers, and the Changelings who are part human and part animal. The Psys embraced Silence, the removal of all emotions many years ago, because of the high incidence of insanity and serial killing. The Psys became the leaders in government and business living apart from humans and Changelings. The Changelings live with their own kind removed from both humans and Psys. There is little interaction between the three groups. This first story in the Psy/Changeling universe sees Lucas, a Changeling whose animal is a leopard, reacting to Sascha, a Psy who feels emotions. In Slave to Sensation there is a Psy serial killer who has killed one of Lucas pack mates, a big attraction between Lucas and Sascha, and a psychic web that Sascha must escape in order to leave the Psy. The book has great pacing and tension and interwoven as part of the story are characters that will be featured in later books. I recommend Slave to Sensation to any of you who like paranormal romances.

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