Saturday, November 15, 2008

My “Too Be Read” Pile

Every now and then instead of sharing a book I will share some of my thoughts about books. Today is one of those days. I love books and pick them up at a variety of places. One of my great fears when traveling in my RV is that I will run out of books to read. As I prepare to leave I stockpile books and leave with a large supple. Then I buy books all along my route. I buy new. I buy at used book stores. One of the best and cheapest places to buy is at library book sales and library run book stores. I am unable to pass up a book that looks interesting. I always have more unread book coming home than I had when I left. I don’t stop buying when I get home. I follow several writers groups and blogs and when I hear a recommendation that appeals to me I check it out at the library or I go buy the book. As a result I have a huge “to be read” pile at home. My children have threatened to do an intervention. I have a goal to finish most of my “to be read pile” in the next six months. I have to finish a book every 2 days in order to do that. I also have to resist buying books for the next six months. That should still leave me with a large stockpile to take on my next trip in April. So do any of you think I have a problem? One good thing, I am unlikely to run out of books to share in the next six months

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