Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bitter Angels by C.L. Anderson

Science Fiction

Bitter Angels is extremely interesting. The fact that it is written sometimes in the first person from different characters point of view and sometimes in the third person made reading confusing. It was important at the first of each chapter to determine whose point of view I was reading. Terese Drajeske has been called back into service to investigate the murder of a friend in the Erasmus System. Nothing is as it seems and as each character tells their part of the story the pieces of the puzzle come together. There are clues to the mystery scattered through the story. It is up to the reader to put them together. All in all Bitter Angles is an excellent example of good Science Fiction writing.

C.L. Anderson is a pen name for Sarah Zettel. This is her first novel for this publisher and they must have wanted her shelved in the A's and not the Z's.

Random House published Bitter Angels by C.L. Anderson in 2009.

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