Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Tau Ceti Agenda by Travis S. Taylor

Military Science Fiction

In The Tau Ceti Agenda the Separatist movement is at it again. Not satisfied with escaping the Solar System (One Day on Mars) they now are trying to wipe out a large city and kill the President. Travis Taylor has written another fast paced military science fiction thriller. The Tau Ceti Agenda solves some of the mysteries left in One Day on Mars, sets up some new loose ends and has a shocker in the last chapter. It had been over a year since I read One Day on Mars but there was enough back-story included to keep me from feeling lost. I do recommend that you read One Day on Mars before reading The Tau Ceti Agenda.

Travis S. Taylor is a physicist and when he uses science he doesn’t just give it a name, he also explains how it works.

Baen published The Tau Ceti Agenda by Travis S. Taylor in 2008. If you follow the Baen link you can read several chapters of The Tau Ceti Agenda free before deciding if you want to purchase.

I purchased The Tau Ceti Agenda from Baen as an E-Book and read it on my e-Bookwise reader.

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