Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vigilante, A Major Adiane Kedros Novel by Laura E. Reeve

Science Fiction

Vigilante by Laura E. Reeve is the second book in the Major Adiane Kedros series. Laura E. Reeve has again written a riveting story filled with action and betrayal. The characters are complex, the world building first rate and the plot filled with unexpected twists and turns. Vigilante is science fiction space opera at its best. Adiane and her partner Matt are caught up in a plot set off by a Terran fringe group that requires former enemies to work in a united action. Tensions rise as each tries to gain the upper hand. With all the loose ends at the conclusion of Vigilante it looks Major Adiane Kedros will be back with another book. I hope the series is long running.

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ROC published Vigilante by Laura E. Reeve in 2009.

I purchased Vigilante at Borders. It is also available from Amazon.

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