Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Heroes at Risk by Moira J. Moore


The fourth book in the Heroes series, Heroes at Risk, continues the story of Shield Lee Mallorough and Source Shintaro Karish. Long ago the Ancestors came to this planet with their machines. The machines did not work and most left. Among those who stayed a few developed the unique ability to stop natural disasters that made the planet hard to live on. Source Shintaro Karish has the ability to channel and stop natural disasters. Shield Lee Mallorough protects him while he works and keeps the natural forces from destroying him during the process. Both Source and Shield have extensive training before being bonded and then are paired for life. If one dies the other dies soon after.

Shintaro Karish (Called the Stallion of the Triple S) was the last person Lee Mallorough wanted to be bonded to. Heroes at Risk continues to develop the relationship/attraction between Taro and Lee while setting the stage for the next book. The Source and Shield relationship has never been called magic; in fact most do not believe magic exists. But when Lee and Taro return to their home base they find many delving into spells and magic. They are soon drawn into the trouble this is causing. Heroes at Risk is an entertaining extension of the Heroes saga. It can be read as a stand-alone but for maximum enjoyment read the first three books first.

ACE published Heroes at Risk by Moira J. Moore in 2009.

The books in the Heroes series are:

Resenting the Hero
The Hero Strikes Back
Heroes Adrift
Heroes at Risk

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