Saturday, November 7, 2009

On the Edge by Ilona Andrews

Paranormal Romance

In On the Edge Ilona Andrews has crafted a new reality for her next series. There is the Broken where there is no magic; the Weird, which is full of magic and between the two, is the Edge, a narrow strip where some magic exists. Only people who live on the Edge can easily visit both the Broken and the Weird but life in the Edge is hard.

Rose Drayton lives in the Edge and works a minimum wage job in the Broken to support herself and her two brothers. She has some powerful magic and at one time she through it would make life easier for her and her brothers. Unfortunately all the magic has brought her is trouble. Just when she thinks that thing can’t get any worse Declan Camarine, a noble from the Weird shows up determined to marry her. Declan is not all that comes to the Edge; an intense new danger shows up looking for magic. Rose is a target and she needs help to survive. Thus the stage is set for On the Edge the first book in a thrilling new paranormal series by Ilona Andrews. Check out On the Edge.

Ace published On the Edge by Ilona Andrews in 2009.

Ilona Andrews is the husband and wife team of Ilona and Gordon Anderson.

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