Friday, November 20, 2009

Chameleon and Conquest: Earth by Angelique Anjou

Futuristic Romance

Chameleon is novella length story set on a world where human have been allowed by the natives of the planet to settle in specific places. They are also forbidden to go anywhere else but Cara, a young woman routinely visits one of the forbidden forests. As a young girl she had saved what she thought was a griffin from a trap set in the forest and had sneaked him home to visit. What she had really saved was one of the shape shifting natives and therein lies the story. Chameleon is an enjoyable short read.

Angelique Anjou packaged the first three chapters of Conquest: Earth at the end of Chameleon and I was hooked after reading them. Conquest: Earth is novel length. The Conquest part is not what you expect. As one of the side characters said; they have certainly come to conquer, just not what everyone thinks. An all make group has been sent to set up a colony and first lands on Earth. The immediate reaction is fear of an invasion. Realizing that Earth has a dominant native race they move and start their colony on Mars. Their race has a tradition of stealing their brides and they make everything worse by stealing Earth women. This is another light fun read. Get both Chameleon and Conquest: Earth if you are looking for entertaining Furutistic Romance.

Conquest: Earth is listed as erotica, but there is more sex and more explicit sex in most mainstream romance novels published today. Chameleon and Conquest: Earth both have a good story line, there is more story than sex and the sex fits as part of both stories.

New Concepts Publishing published Chameleon and Conquest: Earth by Angelique Anjou in 2009. I did not find a web page for Angelique Anjou.

I purchased both at Fictionwise. If you let me know you want to purchase either or both at Fictionwise leave me a comment with your email and I will send you a coupon for 10% off.


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Steph, I just sent you the coupon. Enjoy the book.


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