Monday, November 16, 2009

Sasha, A Trial of Blood and Steel by Joel Shepherd


I loved Joel Shepherd’s Cassandra Kresnov Science Fiction novels. With Sasha he left the Science Fiction world and moved to Fantasy. Sasha starts slower and did not catch me as quickly as The Cassandra Kresnov novels but I still enjoyed the book. Since Sasha is the first books in a new series much of the book is written to set up the world and the characters needed for the next books. There is still plenty of action and adventure, stress and tension, all combined with complex family and clan interaction. While one problem is solved the stage is set to further drama. This is a good start for a new series and I look forward to the next books.

PYR published Sasha, A Trial of Blood and Steel by Joel Shepherd in 2009.

I purchased Sasha at Amazon.

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