Thursday, December 27, 2012

Alien vs Alien by Gini Koch

Alien vs. Alien by Gini KochScience Fiction/Paranormal Romance
Goodreads Summary:
Jeff and Kitty Katt-Martini and the rest of the American Centaurion Diplomatic Corps are still recovering from their introduction to Washington D.C. politics, parties, and conspiracies. So when compromising pictures arrive, no one’s too surprised. They’re also the least of anyone’s worries.

Evil androids running amok, birds of all kinds and from all places creating havoc, a Senator trapped in an ever-tightening web of intrigue, and escalating international tensions all seem tough but manageable. But the disappearance of Jeff Martini and Charles Reynolds during the International One World Festival signals more than the usual nastiness — and it looks like even ACE can’t help them.

Then new trouble arrives in old packages and even with the best hackers in the world, beings from near and far, the full might of Earth’s military, and the Wonder Twins on their side, Centaurion Division’s outmanned and outgunned.

Now Kitty’s racing against the clock to find not only Jeff and Chuckie, but to keep the peace between Middle Eastern countries, all while searching for the bases of super-soldier operations — to stop them or die trying. 
“Kitty” Kat is still in the middle of the action.  There is a new threat from some new enemies, a new talent for Kitty, and no surprise some old enemies show up again.  Look for new and surprising friends, great action from some old friends, and more of those wonderful AC’s.  Once again Kitty helps save the day.
Alien vs Alien is action filled but the pace seemed a little slower than previous books.  I like that as I got to savor more of the characters.  There is less of Jeff and Chuck in this book and more of Kitty and others.  I did like that the jealousy thing seems to be settling down and maybe disappearing.  There are some new romances, some new information about what has happened in the past and a set up for future stories.  The next book is already set to come out so there are future fixes for fans of Kitty and friends.
Alien vs Alien is book six of the series.  You could start reading here but why miss all of the fun.  Start with Touched by an Alien and continue in order.  You will enjoy the books much more that way.
DAW published Alien vs Alien by Gini Koch in 2012.

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