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Andromeda’s Fall by William Dietz

Andromeda's Fall by William C. DietzMilitary Science Fiction

Goodreads Summary:
The roots of the Legion of the Damned lie deep within the mythology of the future. But now, national bestselling author William C. Dietz goes back to the Legion’s early days with the story of one recruit’s rebirth and redemption…
Hundreds of years in the future, much has changed. Advances in medicine, technology, and science abound. Humanity has gone to the stars, found alien life, and established an empire.

But some things never change...

All her life, Lady Catherine Carletto (called Cat) has lived for nothing but the next party, the next lover, the next expensive toy. Until, in a bloodthirsty power grab, Imperial Princess Ophelia and her cadre of synth assassins murder her brother the emperor, and go on to purge the galaxy of his friends and supporters—including Cat’s family. The Carlettos are known to be staunch supporters of the Emperor and Carletto Industries has been in the forefront of his pet project—developing cybernetic technology for use by the masses.

Now Cat, one of the last surviving Carlettos, is on the run. And, like countless others before her, she finds her sanctuary among the most dangerous of society’s misfits.

Welcome to the Legion.

Cat Carletto vanishes, and in her place stands Legion recruit Andromeda McKee. A woman with a mission—to bring down Empress Ophelia—or die trying.
I want to start this by saying a big thank you to the publisher and the cover artist.  Finally, finally, finally a female military science fiction main character who does not appear on the cover wearing a tank top and holding a big gun.  Cat does have a big gun but she is dressed in body armor looking like she could survive a battle without losing a lot of skin,  This is how a military character should look.
In Andromeda’s Fall William Dietz has written is a classic Military Science Fiction novel.  He has gone back to his Legion of the Dammed universe, in fact he has gone way back to the beginning of that universe to start what looks like a new series of stories.  This time the main character is a member of the ruling family that is marked for death when the Emperor is killed by his sister.  Cat’s uncle warns her allowing her to escape and join the Legion.  From there expect a plot filled with non-stop action, many unexpected twists, and great characters.  Cat or McKee as she becomes find she has strength's she did not know she possesses.  She is one of those people who thrive in adversity making her a great fit for the Legion.  As Andromeda's Fall ends there is  a lot of room for future stories.  I am looking forward to seeing more of Cat and more stories set in this part of the Legion of the Dammed Universe.
Ace published Andromeda’s Fall by William Dietz in 2012.

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