Monday, December 24, 2012

The Final Battle, Betrayed by Graham Sharp Paul

Hope everyone is ready of Christmas.  I have finished everything and am spending the day reading.

The Final Battle, Betrayed,  Helfort's War Book V by Graham Sharp Paul

Military Science Fiction

From Amazon:

Cowed into appeasement by the threat to destroy their home planets with antimatter warheads, the Federated Worlds are a spent force. Only a ragtag rebel army stands between the Hammer of Kraa and total victory. The consequences of that triumph are too terrible to contemplate. Thousands of worlds will be subjugated, millions murdered, and billions enslaved by an empire spanning hundreds of light years, an empire fuelled by blood, an empire built on the bones of its enemies. The rebels need help; without it, they too face annihilation. And their time is running out, fast. Michael Helfort?s mission is simple: persuade the reluctant Feds to give the rebels the support they need to defeat the Hammer of Kraa. And, with the future of all of humanspace at stake, he cannot fail. But when Michael is betrayed by those he trusts most . . 

I have been reading the Military Science Fiction series from the beginning.  When I got this one I was surprised by the book.  It is not a trade paperback like the previous four.  When I check the published I saw that none was listed.  Seeing that I realized that it was self-published.  I could not find anything to confirm what I decided but it looks like this is another series that the publisher canceled with only one book left.  Today when this happens an author can self-publish and let his readers finish the series.  

This one lives up to the previous books.  Full of surprises,  action, and good characters it is a good finish to the series.  Thanks Graham Sharl Paul of writing and publishing the last book in this series

The Final Battle by Graham Sharp Paul was published in 2012.

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