Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sacrifice the Wicked by Karina Cooper

Paranormal Romance
I am on the Round the World Cruise and have limited Internet.   I’m using this time to catch up on my TBR pile on my ereaders.  My posts are short with no links or graphics.  Check my travel blog to see where I have been and where I am going.
I received an ARC of Sacrifice the Wicked from Edelweiss.  I did not realize that it was part of a series, a series that is more like a serial.  Sacrifice the Wicked is several books into the Dark Hunter novels.  It seems to start where the last on left off and ends very abruptly.
 I would not recommend reading this series out of order.  The world building was done in previous books.  In Sacrifice the Wicked I was dropped into the world with no explanation.  It was the same with back-story.  Side characters appeared with no explanation of who and what they were.  While I read I got the impression I should recognize the world, know the back-story, and remember the characters. 
Having said all of that I liked the story enough that I will go back and find the previous books and will read the next book when it comes out.
This is a fast paced book filled with tension.  The two main characters, Parker Adams and Simon Wells, are front and center for most of the story.  Parker is the Mission Director and Simon is suppose to be one of her Missionaries.   (This is where you really need to know the world building and the back-story.)  Parker is on the up and up, a really good director concerned for her people.  Simon is on a plant but is playing for more than one side.  When things start to go really wrong the two are thrown together.
The story is built on things that happened in previous books.  The action moves the plot forward putting characters where they need to be for the next book.  Then it just quits.  That is what made me compare it to the old movie serials.  There is exciting action, some story movement but it leaves you wanting to know what happens next.
Avon published Sacrifice the Wicked by Karina Cooper in 2012.

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