Thursday, February 21, 2013

What Happens in Scotland by Jennifer McQuiston

Historical Romance
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What Happens in Scotland is the first published novel by Jennifer McQuiston but the only thing that gave that away were the acknowledgements published at the end of the book.  What Happens in Scotland is very well written, has an interesting plot and great characters.
Lady Georgette Thorold has come to Scotland to visit her cousin.  She is a widow and does not plan to every marry again.  In fact when we meet her the first thing we learn is that she “hated brandy almost as much as she hated husbands” and that she smells like brandy and has just acquired a husband she does not remember marrying. 
James MacKenzie is the husband she acquired but he does not remember anything about the night before. The last thing he wants is a wife so he is having a hard time believing what people are saying he did.
For the first half of the book the scenes switch between James and Georgette as they search the town trying to find each other and find out what really happened last night.   Both James and Georgette are actively interacting with others and as they do there is more plot and character development.  By the time they meet again their characters are fully developed, the plot is fleshed out and the story is ready for the rest of the action.  I love active plot and character development and this is some of the best I have seen.
In the second half of the book we see what happens when they finally meet again.  There is enough action, tension, and romance to satisfy anyone.  I am looking forward to more books Jennifer McQuiston.  I think after you read What Happens in Scotland you will be too.
Avon published What Happens in Scotland by Jennifer McQuiston in 2013.
I received a free ARC of What Happens in Scotland from Edelweiss.

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