Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Homicide in High Heels(High Heels #8) by Gemma Halliday

Cozy Mystery

From the Author’s Web Site:

It's springtime in California! The flowers are in bloom, the fashion week runways are fierce, and fans of America's favorite pastime are filling the baseball stadiums to root for their favorite team. But when the girlfriend of the L.A. Stars rookie MVP winds up dead at a chic Beverly Hills salon, it's suddenly up to fashion designer Maddie Springer to track down the "Tanning Salon Killer." Armed with the help of her wacky cast of friends and family, Maddie finds herself with a list of suspects that includes the cast of the reality TV show Baseball Wives, a desperate blackmail victim, and an entire baseball team! If Maddie can brave the hot dogs and cat fights, she just might be able to catch a killer...before he strikes again!

Homicide in High Heels is my first time to read a Maddie and Ramirez books and I loved it.  Maddie is such a great character. She is over the top on keeping up with fashion and she ownes the very best.  The great thing is that she earns and pays for all of those really expensive fashions items.  In addition she has a very good head on her shoulders and does a great job as a detective.

Ramirez on the other hand is a real alpha male.  He is a police officer who really does not know that much about the fashion his wife loves.  They should not mesh as a couple but it turns out they are a perfect match.  He really would like to keep Maddie out of the detective business but this time he has to ask for her help.  I loved how the role reversal brought out interesting facets in each of their personalities.

The murder and the mystery surrounding it are made for Maddie’s talents.  While Maddie kept coming up with suspects I was kept guessing the entire time.  Homicide in High Heels has fun, danger, laughs and a really good story.  Pick it up for a entertaining read.  

Gemma Halliday published Homicide in High Heels in 2014.

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