Sunday, November 30, 2014

What Else I Read in November 2014


Bonfire Night by Deanna Raybourn - A nice addition to the
Lady Julia series Bonfire Night gives both Lady Julia Grey and her detective husband, Nicholas Brisbane, a small vacation and a interesting mystery to solve. Look for a lot of misdirection when all the ghost appear. Julia and Brisbane catch on really fast about the ghosts but take a while to realize the real reason for what is happening. In the end Nicholas gets a very nice and unexpected Christmas present.

#3)  by Lorenda Christensen – This is a novella.  Savannah Cavenaugh has several secrets; all of which are revealed in the first few pages of ‘Til Dragons Do Us Part.  She is a thief and a dragon morph.  It is easy to see why being a thief is a secret.  The dragon part has kept her isolated from most people.  All of that changes and that is the heart of the story.  I loved how Savannah changed when she realized what some of her actions were doing to other people.  The possibility of a romance with Cameron Shaw also played a big part in that change.  This is a nice addition to the Never Deal With Dragons series.  It will stand-alone but the series is such fun don’t skip the first two novellas.

The Christmas Ranch RaeAnne Thane - If you like good clean
romance and romance set at Christmas this one if for you.  The Christmas Ranch is set in Pine Gulch on the ranch owned by Hope Nichols and her family.  There is a Christmas tradition at the ranch. It is decorated and open to the public and has been for many years but this year Hope's family has decided to skip that tradition.  Enter Hope who has just come back to the ranch and Rafe Santiago who needs something to occupy both his and his nephew time and magic happens. 

Waistcoats & Weaponry (Finishing School, #3) by Gail Carrier - 
This is a between book.  It provides a more detailed back-story to some of the characters in The Alexia Trabotti novels and it sets the stage for more action and adventure.  All of the gang are here and once again on an interesting adventure.  While both Sidheag and Soap find a solution to their problems the big problem is still out there on the horizon for Sophronia to solve in future books.  I found this to be mostly a place holder in the series.  A nice story that adds to the world building, character development and plot direction.  Not the best place to start the series as it assumes the reader is familiar with this steampunk world Carriger has created but fun for the fans of this world.

A Last Chance Christmas by Vicki Lewis Thompson - Ben
Radcliffe never expects to find a family when he agrees to make a saddle for the owner of Last Chance Ranch but that is what he finds; a family and even more.  Molly Gallagher is just visiting.  She is part of the Arizona branch of the family.  In this the last book in the Sons of Chance  series Thompson sets the stage for a new series featuring the Gallagher's of Arizona.  A nice story with two wonderful main characters and a chance to visit with the characters from previous books. 

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