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Desire to Fall by Shona Husk Virtual Tour and Giveaway

Desire to Fall
by Shona Husk


GENRE: Sci-fi Romance


Kya Hawl is an architect on the Precinct One redevelopment, a prestigious and contentious project in the city-state of Velli. While she is happy with her part-time female lover, Judge Elmi Chadee, she wants more. She wants a family and children, for that she needs two men willing to put their life on the line to breed.

Tref Xant and his partner Dru Macon seem like the right guys; however, Tref has secrets and Dru is about to deploy to Precinct One, one of the roughest precincts in Velli. The redevelopment can’t come soon enough. Tref would like to see the placed burned to the ground. But even that wouldn’t be able to erase his memories of growing up there.

With Dru away Tref finds himself falling for Kya. Jealousy sparks between the men. A triad can never form as Dru wants Elmi and she has sworn off unions after her sister ran away to join the Terrin Sect.
As riots erupt and the redevelopment is threatened Dru realizes he has to fight for what he wants--something Tref learned long time ago. A four-way union--while unusual--would work. But will the women agree when they learn of Tref’s past?


Desire to Fall is set in a very complicated and unusual world.  It is a world where sex has to take some unusual turns.  Be warned:  a lot of sex is required to tell this story.  There is M/M, F/F, M/F and ménages that are a requirement to keep everyone safe. 

The characters are interesting and are very well developed.  Kya Hawl, Judge Elmi Chadee, Tref Xant, and Dru Macon all play an important part in the story.  They have strengths and weaknesses that add interest to the story line.  All have events in their past that are affecting their present.  Look of tension, danger, and romance all wrapped up in an interesting and unusual world.

“Mmm.” She pressed against him; her wings opened to encircle them. “I want to sink my teeth into you.” The words tumbled out even though she had no right to say them, or ask him to make that sacrifice. He wasn’t hers. They weren’t that close.

He groaned and nuzzled against her neck. His teeth pressed against her skin but didn’t break it. She wanted him too. She wanted him so much at that moment. It was like she was solstice crazy. Those old stories suddenly took shape and had a meaning she’d never realized before. The Huntress had never meant to kill her lover, but she hungered for him and had lost control.

People walked past, laughing, whistling.

Kya closed her eyes and took a shaky breath that filled her lungs with his scent. It was sharp and sweet—perfect for him. She placed her hands on his chest, let her fingers splay over the muscle. She had to regain control. The summer night thrummed in her blood. Unrequited hunger and lust burned in her body.

Had she ever wanted anyone quite so badly?

If she tasted him, would she go too far?

No, she was in control of her body. She was not a slave to biology. She wouldn’t kill her lover—he wasn’t her lover. She should just go home. She would not fall victim to solstice lust the way so many people did, and she most certainly didn’t want any children yet. But as his hands cupped her butt and brought her closer so she could feel him hard against her belly, she wasn’t so sure she could resist. Or that she even wanted to.

“Have a taste; go to bed with me on your tongue.” His voice was rough. His hands were still on her butt as he moved against her with unspoken promise.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Shona Husk lives in Western Australia at the edge of the Indian Ocean. Blessed with a lively imagination she spent most of her childhood making up stories. As an adult she discovered romance novels and hasn’t looked back.

With over forty published stories, ranging from sensual to scorching, she writes contemporary, paranormal, fantasy and sci-fi romance.

You can find out more at 



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