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Alien Contact For Kid Sisters by Edward Hoornaert - Review and Giveaway

Alien Contact for Kid Sisters
by Edward Hoornaert


GENRE: Science fiction



Marianne Harmon is sick and tired of being just the kid sister of the famous queen of Kwadra Island. Although she daydreams about being a warrior, when rebels bomb the royal ball she’s shunted to one of the many tunnels that honeycomb Kwadra, where she awaits a captain of the valiant Royal Guardians.

Quinn Lebatarde, a scam artist fleeing the police, dons the uniform of a Royal Guardian killed by a tunnel collapse. When Marianne mistakes him for her bodyguard, Quinn can’t decide whether to save the feisty maiden, fall in love with her—or kidnap her. With bloodthirsty rebels pursuing them and a treasure map in his pocket, what will he choose?



Marianne’s rage melted around the edges and turned into tears that slipped down her cheeks. She wanted to believe him. Even now, knowing the truth about him, she wanted…something.

He stepped toward her. If he touched her, she would shatter.

"Stop!" She backed into the door and aimed the pistol between his eyes. "You liar! You lied about everything. You probably killed Charleyjohn yourself—"

"No, no." He kept coming, arms outstretched, face ecstatic.

With her butt, Marianne pushed the swinging door open. She backed into the hallway, still pointing the gun. The door swung shut behind her.

Quinn pushed it open again and stood in the entrance. "Charleyjohn was already dead." He stepped toward her. "The bomb dislodged rocks that hit him on the head. I wished him a happy last journey and borrowed—"

"Filch said," she interrupted, "you were probably trying to ransom Elfy and me."

That stopped Quinn, and even sent a ripple of concern across his face.

"Is he right?" Her voice wavered. His guilty expression appalled her. "Admit it, bastard."

"Well…yes," Quinn said, "but. It's a big butt, too." With a merry laugh, he slapped his bottom with the sound of flesh on flesh.

"It's true, then? You've been kidnapping us? Oh, God."

"Yes, but—"

Marianne aimed the needler and squeezed the trigger.



While this is a romance it is also a story of how two people change and grow as they are forced to work together.  Throw in a young spoiled bratty character who adds to the spice in the story and it gets even better.  Marianne loves her older sister while yearning for something meaningful for herself.  Quinn is a con man who finds that he wants to live up to the uniform he took from a dead man.  Together they go on a journey where they grow into better and different people as they work together.  Look for adventure and romance as the story progresses to a satisfying end.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

What kind of guy can write romance? A guy who married his high school sweetheart a week after graduation and is still living the HEA decades later. A guy who’s a certifiable Harlequin hero in his own right—he inspired Vicki Lewis Thompson’s Rita Award finalist Mr. Valentine, which is dedicated to him.
Ed started out writing contemporary romances for Silhouette Books, but these days he concentrates on science fiction and sf romance. In addition to novelist, he’s been a teacher, principal, technical writer, salesman, janitor, and symphonic oboist. He and wife Judi live in Tucson, Arizona. They have three sons, a daughter, a mutt, and the galaxy’s most adorable grandson. Visit him at

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