Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Short and Sweet Book Reviews #52 - Cowboy Unwrapped by Vicki Lewis Thompson, Ghost Maker by Robin D.Owens, The High Ground by Melinda Snodgrass

Cowboy Unwrapped (Thunder Mountain Brotherhood, #8)Cowboy Unwrapped by Vicki Lewis Thompson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It is Christmas and Jake Ramsey has come home to Thunder Mountain Ranch. For Jake home is where the heart is and he realizes that his heart is here where he grew up. Meeting up with his old high school flame, Amethyst Ferguson, turns out to be the start of a hot relationship. He would like more but Amethyst is determined to go off the LA to pursue her singing career. This is another heartwarming story. There is more than just romance involved. Part is following your heart and deciding what makes you feel successful and brings you joy in your life. Since it is Christmas some of the previous men of Thunder Mountain play an important part in the story.

Ghost MakerGhost Maker by Robin D. Owens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Clair and Zack are off on another dangerous assignment. This starts off with Zack looking for a missing street kid and Clair looking for a good ghost to heal her spirt wound. Then the two quests collide and become intertwined. Clair and Zack are still working on accepting the changes in their lives and the new love they feel for each other. This quest adds to the tension between the two as they come to terms with those changes. Part of the problem is how short a time they have been together; just a little over a month. There is a very lovely ghost and a very bad ghost that drive this story line that is different from the previous books. Both are part of the both the problem and the solution for our two new lovers. Great addition to the Ghost Seer story line. This can stand-alone but is best if you start with book one.

The High Ground (Imperials, #1)The High Ground by Melinda M. Snodgrass
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There is a lot that is familiar in The High Ground. The setting is a military academy named The High Ground.. Trace, one main character, is there on a charity scholarship. Mercedes, the other main character, is the daughter of the Emperor. The first meeting between the two is accidental and neither knows who the other is. That changes as the two arrive on the first day. The Emperor has no sons and has made his daughter his heir. She is the first woman to go to the High Ground. Trace dislikes the upper class and did not want to take the scholarship. Both are a little off balance and find that they have more in common than you would suppose.

The action is predictable but very well done. Everything in the story helps set the stage for the next book in the series. In Evil Time, book 2, in The Imperials Saga will come out in July of 2017. I look forward to seeing both Trace and Mercedes again. After how the book ended it will be interesting to see how the two interact after they leave The High Ground.

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