Monday, November 21, 2016

My Musing - Monday November 21, 2016

I miss the Musing Mondays that Jenn at A Daily Rhyme used to host.   I was gone for four months at the beginning of 2016 and when I came home the meme was gone.  Today, a Monday, I decided to just do a muse on my own and maybe I will continue when I have something I want to muse about on future Mondays.

During the last week I have been thinking about books and series.  What brought all of these thoughts on?  Two series that I never get tired of re-reading.  Both have the final book in the series available on Netgalley and I was quick to request both.  

The two series:  The Others by Anne Bishop and Linesman by S.K. Dustall.  I received Etched in Bone, 5th book in the Others series, and Confluence, the 3rd book in the Linesman series from Netgalley.  Confluence will come out next week, Etched in Bone will not be out until March of 2017.  

Both are series that I love.  Both are very different.  I have read and re-read both series lately.  After much musing I realized that one of the attraction in both series are the main characters.  Meg Corbin in the Others and Ean Lambert in the Linesman series have one very distinct feature.  Both have been very sheltered and both have just been turned out into the real world.  Both authors used that fact to build an interesting world and use the reaction of both Meg and Ean as a way change the characters and the action around them.  

Both contain some excellent writing and on every re-read I find a something new.  Usually that is very subtle and forwards action to come.  Those clues were easy to miss the first time I read the books but having read the books once it is much easier to see the clues for what they are.  

Having said that they are different I guess I should mention how.  Linesman is set in the far future and is Science Fiction/Space Opera.  The Others is set on a alternate Earth and could be paranormal, fantasy, or alternate history.  Different setting and very different cast of characters.  Even though they are very different I still love them both and will be re-reading again in the future.

If you read this post and have books you like to re-read feel free to comment with the books and the reason you love them so.

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