Monday, July 5, 2010

Close Contact by Katherine Allred

Science Fiction Romance

To quote Echo Adams her idea of a good time

is three hours at a spa, getting groomed, pampered and massaged, followed by a night of dancing and barhopping with the leader of an obscure planet. Or a planet that wasn’t so obscure.”

Then life as she knew it ended. Echo was a GED (a genetically engineered person) like Kiere Smith (See Close Encounters).

When Kiere

saved the Buri from extinction, killed the bad guys and gave the world Orpheus crystals

the world learned that some GED’s had telepathic powers. Echo lost her job with the Department of Protocol and was sent to the Department of Alien Affairs where she was chosen to recover the stolen Daughter Stone. Everyone agreed she was not the best choice; everyone that is but the Imadei, the black crystal created by the Mother Stone to locate the stolen Daughter Stone. And so Echo travels to the planet Madrea where she must discover and use her own powers to keep the Daughter Stone from destroying the planet and everyone on it.

I was hooked from page one of Close Contact. Filled with Echo’s first person thoughts, Katherine Allred’s writing skills shine. With an engaging plot, well-developed characters, and exciting action Close Contact is a great addition to any Science Fiction Romance library. In my opinion Katherine Allred is right up there with other great Science Fiction Romance authors like Linnea Sinclair and Susan Grant.

EOS published Close Contact by Katherine Allred in 2010.

I purchased Close Contact from Amazon.

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