Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mind Games by Carolyn Crane

Paranormal Romance

Justine Jones knows she is a hypochondriac but she can’t stop it from ruining her life. Then she meets Packard who looks into Justine and offers her the chance to change her life. He can show her how to use her neurosis as a weapon to fight crime. Police Chief Otto Sanchez is another crime fighter in the city. He and Parkard use methods that are very different. It is hard to see who is good and who is bad and Justine finds herself torn between the two me. This conflict leads to several surprising plot twists.

Mind Games is an interesting new twist on using your mind to make a difference. The book has complex characters, unexpected action and a great plot. Mind Games is Carolyn Crane’s first book. Look for Double Cross the next book in the series in September of 2010.

Spectra published Mind Games by Carolyn Carne in 2010.

I purchased Mind Games from Amazon.

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