Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pathfinder by Laura E. Reeve

Science Fiction

Pathfinder by Laura E. Reeve is the third book in the Major Ariane Kedros series. Pathfinder can be read as a stand-alone but I recommend reading Peacekeeper and Vigilante first. Each book has a dilemma that Ariane has to face and there is a resolution to that dilemma by the end of each book. In addition there are underlying difficulties that continue to reoccur in each book.

Pathfinder adds a new dilemma for Ariane to overcome and continues to weave some of the underlying threads into the theme. Laura Reeve continues to build a complex world filled with intriguing characters. As the plot twists and turns old friends become enemies, and old enemies become allies. Pathfinder is a great addition to this character and action driven series. If you have not started the Major Ariane Kedros series pick it up soon. You will be in for a great Science Fiction adventure.

ROC published Pathfinder, a Major Ariane Kedros Novel by Laura E. Reeve in 2010.

I purchased Pathfinder from Borders.

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