Monday, July 19, 2010

Galaxy Express's Online Science Fiction Romance Conference

I love Science Fiction Romance so when I saw this posted on Alien Romance I wanted to share it with all of you. The event starts tomorrow. This is a great way to hear from some favorite Science Fiction Romance authors. I have comments and recommendation on books by several of the listed authors here on the blog.

From July 20-31,The Galaxy Express will host Parallel Universe, a science fiction romance online event that will coincide with the Romance Writers of America’s 30th Annual National Conference (July 28-31 in Orlando, FL). It will be the virtual SFR gathering for those unable to attend the conference.

Parallel Universe will feature a series of guest posts from authors and bloggers on a variety of scintillating science fiction romance topics.

Provisional Schedule for Parallel Universe Blogs

Tuesday July 20
Lisa Paitz Spindler
Gini Koch

Wednesday July 21
Nancy Cohen
Ella Drake

Thursday July 22
Ann Somerville
Donna S. Frelick - Spacefreighters Lounge/SFR Brigade

Friday July 23
Rebecca Baumann – Dirty Sexy Books
Kim Knox

Saturday July 24
Cathy Pegau – Queen of the Frozen North
J.C. Hay

Next Sunday July 25
Sheryl Nantus
Kimber An – Enduring Romance

Monday July 26
Lizzie Newell
Rae Lori

Tuesday July 27
Robert Appleton
Violet Hilton

Wednesday July 28
Jess Granger
Laurie Green – Spacefreighters Lounge/SFR Brigade

Thursday July 29
Pauline B. Jones
Rowena Cherry

Friday July 30
Katherine Allred
KS Augustin

Saturday July 31
Ellen Fisher
Marcella Burnard

I picked this up from ROWENA CHERRY's post at Alien Romances. Follow the Alien Romance link if you want to read the full post. Follow the link here or in the title to get to Galaxy Express.


RowenaBCherry said...

Thank you for the mention and for helping to promote the blogs starting tomorrow and running at a rate of 2 per day for the next 10 days.

Are you a member of the SFR Community on Amazon? I'll look out for you. (You become a member, for instance, by finding the community and tagging the books that you feel truly belong there.)

Or by creating a Listmania of your own favorite SF authors... oh my. There's a thought. Someone ought to do a Parallel Universe 2010 listmania with one book from each of Heather's guests!

JC Jones said...

I just joined the SFR Community on Amazon. I am working on a listmania of my favorites to post. I will be meeting some brand new to me authors during Parallel Universe. Too many books, too little time. My TBR list will continue to grow.

RowenaBCherry said...

I was thrilled to find Mike Resnick on Facebook. He's quite active, and soooo interesting!

RowenaBCherry said...

Here's the link to my Listmania mentioning all the participants as best I could.