Monday, July 25, 2011

Accidental Abduction by Eve Langlais

Accidental AbductionScience Fiction Romance

Accidental Abduction is another Science Fiction Romance with a familiar plot; a feisty earth girl meets big strong purple alien and true love follows.  It is how Eve Langlais uses the plot that makes this story so much fun.  Megan has been pushed overboard and left to drown in the Pacific Ocean by her current boyfriend.  Just as she is about to loose strength and give up she is scooped up by a alien space craft gathering marine samples.  And that is when the fun begins.  Tren was a successful mercenary who has traded that life for a more peaceful one as a “wrangler and transporter of rare species from undeveloped galaxies”.  While the life was boring  at least no one was shooting at him.  Boredom went out the window when he scooped up Megan. 

Tren and Megan are a lot of fun.  Megan has a smart mouth.  Tren likes to have the last word.  Their trip while predictable is a lot of fun and full of laughs.  If you are looking for a fun SFR story pick this one up. 

I purchased Accidental Abduction as an ebook.

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