Sunday, July 17, 2011

Analog Science Fiction and Fact and Asimov’s Science Fiction

Science Fiction Magazines

I have several favorite authors and I hate the long wait between books.  Analog Science Fiction and Fact and Asimov’s Science Fiction magazines help break that wait up.  Some of my favorite Science Fiction authors often have short stories or novella in both magazines.  John Hemry who writes the Lost Fleet series as Jack Campbell has several alternate history novellas in Analog.  My favorite is Swords and Saddles in the April 2010 issue.  Kristine Katherine Rusch has several novellas set in the Diving in the Wreck and The Retrieval Artist Universe published in Asimov’s.  She also has stories set in other places in both publications.  I have another post today about Killer Advice, one of those novellas.  

Both Analog and Asimov’s are available on Fictionwise either as individual issues or as subscriptions.  

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