Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Necklace Affair and A Body in Berkley Square by Ashley Gardner

The Necklace Affair (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries)Historical Mystery

I purchased The Necklace Affair when it came out in June and have been saving it until A Body in Berkley Square came out so I could read two Captain Lacey books in a row.  Now I have finished both and have to wait for another month for my next fix.

This is a character driven series and it just keeps getting better.  Each book has a mystery that gives additional clues to the makeup of the major characters.  In addition the mystery in each book has clues that lead both Captain Lacey and the reader on a merry chase.  I keep recommending this series because I really love it.  If you are a historical mystery fan the series is a must read. 

Jennifer Ashley using the pen name of Ashley Gardner writes the Captain Lacey books.  The series went out of print and the rights reverted to the author.  She is self-publishing the series and all of the titles are being re-released as ebooks.  In the future there will also be new books in the series released.  Another great thing about the series is the price.  The first book in the series is .99 and all the others are 1.99.  It does make me wonder.  If she can make money at these prices why are so many ebooks prices the same as hard copies?

To learn more about the Captain Lacey books go to

I read both books on my Nook.

There is a great tease for A Covent Garden Mystery at the end of A Body in Berkley Square.  Reading it made me long for August when A Covent Garden Mystery will be released.  

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