Friday, July 29, 2011

Hunting Kat by PJ Schnyder

Hunting Kat
Science Fiction Romance

I received Hunting Kat as a free ebook from Carina Press.  Like many of Carina Press’s publications Hunting Kat is a short novella of 90 pages.

Kat Darah was captured and given a virus that changed her into someone who could shape shift.  It has taken her three years to get back to anything like normal.  Lt. Christopher Rygard is back from a mission that left a bad taste in his mouth and is thinking about quitting.  They are attracted to each other and decide to spend the night together.  During the night there is an attack and Kat has to shift to protect the two of them.   To save lives Kat and Rygard have to join forces to meet the attackers demands.

I liked the story but for me it needed a little more fleshing out.   Some of the back-story just was not there and some of the back-story was confusing.  It also was not a true SFR as there was not a HEA.  Instead there was a “We are going our separate ways but we will see each other again”.  I would still recommend it as a short easy enjoyable read. 

Carina Press published Hunting Kat by PJ Schnyder in 2011.

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