Monday, December 26, 2011

Break Out (A Blood Hunter Novel, book 1) by Nina Croft

Science Fiction/Space Opera/Paranormal

Science Fiction with a Vampire space ship captain.  I could not resist when I read a review of the second book in this series, Deadly Pursuit.  I went over and found Break Out, the first book, for only .99 at Barnes and Noble.  It went right to my Nook.

Richardo Sanchez is a two thousand year old vampire who really knows how to change with the time.  In 3048 he is the Captain and owner of the space ship El Cadazor.  Skylar Rossaria is on a rescue mission to break a assassin from the most secure prison in the galaxy.  She is not what she seems.  Her mission is not what she thinks. She hires the El Cadazoe and her attraction to Richardo is a further complication. 

Look for an interesting crew, great dialog and a surprise ending.    The world building is a little weak.  We know that there is a mineral that can give immortality and only the Collective has access but not much more.  I read where the second book fills in some of the blanks the first did not.

Break Out is a quick fun read more Science Fiction than Paranormal.  Get it while it is only .99.

Entangled Publishing released Break Out by Nina Croft in 2011.

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