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What Else I Read in December 2011

I don't write a post on every book I read.  Here are the books I enjoyed but did not write up or had already mentioned in a meme. 


Michael Sullivan's The Emerald Storm, Nyphron Rising, Avempartha.  I read the first book in this series, The Crown Conspiracy over a year ago.  The next three books have been on my Nook waiting to be read.  In an effort to clear my ebook TBR pile I read all three back to back.  This is a fun series and I still have at least one book to go.  There are great characters, a good plot, and lots of action.  Each book reveals a little bit more about the two main characters.  

Historical Romance:

Joanna Bourne's The Black Hawk.  This is the fourth book in the series that started with The Spymaster's Lady.  I read the first and now this one.  It can stand-alone.  I do plan to go back and read the other two.  The Black Hawk is the story of two spies on opposite sides and how their actions in the past impact their present. 

Grace Burrowes' The Virtuoso.  This is the last book in the trilogy that included The Heir and The Soldier.  I loved the other two but this one got pushed back in my TBR pile after Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish was released first.  I think that in the rush to release both books the editing process The Virtuoso for broke down.  While the story is good it lacked the tension I expected and there were facts stated that were not consistent throughout the book.  I am not giving up on the series, I was just disappointed in Valentine's story because he is one of my favorite's and I wanted his book to be better.   

Sabrina Jeffries' To Wed a Wild Lord.  This is the next to last book about The Hellions of Halstead Hall and it answers a question that has been talked about since the first book.  Gabe Sharpe does not remember what happened before he raced Roger Waverly but he does remember Roger being killed.  Now Gabe is trying to make amends by wooing Roger's sister Virginia.  Since she blames him for her bother's death it is not going to be easy.  Can there be true love with all the past history between the two?  There is also additional information about the deaths of the Sharpe's parents.  There is a lot left to find out and when A Lady Never Surrenders comes out we should get the rest of the story.

Science Fiction/Paranormal: 

Robin D. Owens' Hearts and Swords.  This is a collection of four stories set in the world of Celta.  Heart and Sword tells about the original landing and the problems that happened on the journey from Earth.  Heart Story is the side story that tells what happened when Blush Willow meets her heart mate Dri Paris years after her Mother ran him off.  Heart and Soul is what happened toGenista Furze's after she left Tinne Holly.  Noble Hearts let us share the events after the Clover's were elevated to Noble status.  If you are a fan of this series don't miss this book.

Eve Langlais' Delicate Freakn' Flower.  Naomi does not plan to mate with a shifter.  She wants a normal human.  After growing up in a home with 5 sifter brothers where nothing is safe she just wants peace and quiet, at least that is what she thinks.  Then her friend convinces here to go to a lacrosse game where the unthinkable happens.  She meets not one but two shifters who are her mate.  Ethan is a large shy bear shifter and Javiar is a sext jaguar shifter.  Naomi may think she is a delicate freak' flower but she is also a wolf shifter and can take care of herself.  The sparks fly and the story proceeds full of humor and romance.  This is the second Eve Langlais book I have read.  Accidental Abduction was the first.  Both are full of wonderful dialog and a plot full of humor.

Science Fiction:

Kristine Kathryn Rusch's Anniversary Day.  The latest book in the Retrieval Artist series follows the action on the anniversary of the bombing of Armstrong Dome.  All the familiar character are present.  Noelle DeRicci, Miles Flint, and Bartholomew Nyquest find themselves in the middle of a new plot.  It ends with a cliff hanger so I am waiting for the next book in the series.


Stieg Larsson's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  This is a book with a lot of hype.  I resisted reading it until my son insisted and loaned me his copy.  It did what everyone said, it started slow but I never wanted to quit reading.  Lisbeth Salander comes across as not very nice but I could not help but pull for her.  Now I just have to wait for my son to send the the next two books.

Rita Mae Brown's Murder Unleashed.  I checked the first book in the series, A Nose For Justice, out as a audio book.  When I saw this one in book form on the shelf I had to check it out.  I love the setting, Reno, Nevada, and the two main characters, Jeep Reed and Mags Rogers.  This time Jeep and Mags with their faithful dogs Baxter and Kings are approached by a local real estate agent to help people living in abandoned houses on Reno's Yolanda Street.  Brown has done a massive amount of research on the housing bubble burst and does a great job weaving it into the story.  There are corrupt officials, ruthless politicians, a utility company and a murderer all rolled into a great story.  There is also a treasure hunt as a side story.

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