Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Everlasting Enchantment (Relics of Merlin #4) by Kathryne Kennedy


What Goodreads says:

"Sir Gareth Solimere, knight of King Arthur's Round Table, has been trapped inside Merlin's relic for centuries, cursed until he finds his one true love. When he finally finds her in the unexpected form of a beautiful were-panther named Millicent Pantere, he has to use all of his charms to try to make her love him in return. But if he manages this feat, will he finally be free to live a normal life?"

While Everlasting Enchantment is book four of the Relics of Merlin series it has no problem standing on its own. 

The setting is Victorian England and Queen Victoria plays a role in the story.  It is an England with shape shifters and magic.  Gareth Solimere is trapped in one of Merlin’s relics.  Millicent Pantere is suppose to find that relic in order to save Nell, the only person she thinks she cares for.  Once the relic with Gareth comes into Millicent’s possession the story really takes off.

I had a great time reading Everlasting Enchantment.  There was action, adventure, romance, magic, shape shifting, and enough tension to keep me reading.  I loved Millicent.  She really did care about others; she just refused to admit that she did.  Gareth started out very jaded.  As the story progressed I got to watch him change into a wonderful caring man who loved with all his being.

Relics of Merlin is a fun series and Everlasting Enchantment is a great addition.  The writing is crisp, the plot well developed and the characters fun.  If you like fantasy and romance this is a good pick.

Sourcebook published EverlastingEnchantment by Kathryne Kennedy in 2013.

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