Monday, December 16, 2013

Musing Monday, December 16, 2013

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How many of you just keep adding to your TBR pile.  I keep saying that I will not order any more books until I have read all from my previous order.  It just does not work for me.  My latest order arrived last Friday and I still had two books unread from my previous order.  Most of the books on any of my orders are pre-orders and are placed as much as a month ahead of release.  I still keep adding to the pile.  Part of the problem are the books I get for review.  I read them first and put of the others on hold.  I do think this is a minor problem in a world with some very big problems that need to be solved.


  1. I keep adding to my tbr pile. the good thing about it is I don't have money to buy books, but I do got a couple of books from the library and I keep putting more on hold.

  2. I thought that if I wasn't buying them, it wouldn't be a problem...(review books). Ha-ha!

    And I also preorder a lot of books...for my Kindle, which I have convinced myself isn't a shelving problem.

    I think bookaholics will find a way to add books!


  3. Oh yes, I don't even know how I'm going to get through my TBR pile...

  4. I've convinced myself that having a never ending TBR pile is a good problem to have! I'd much rather have lots to choose from, rather than have nothing to read next.

  5. I think lots of us share your problem but I say there isn't a better problem to have ;-)


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