Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy New Year, Baby Fortune by Leaanne Banks


What Goodreads says: 

"Lullabies and cowboys? USA TODAY bestselling author Leanne Banks kicks off the new Fortunes of Texas continuity with a story of a single mom and the sexy rancher who sweeps her off her feet!

As she rings in the new year in Horseback Hollow, Texas, single mom Stacey Fortune Jones tries to count her blessings. She has an adorable baby girl, Piper; supportive parents; good friends. Best of them all is Colton Foster, her longtime neighbor from the ranch next door. He always seems to be around when she needs him. Trouble is, she may be starting to need him a bit too much.

She's off-limits, Colton keeps telling himself. The tall, muscular rancher turns to mush every time he sees Stacey. But falling for his little sister's best friend seems wrong on so many levels. She's on the rebound. She's got a baby. She's...complicated. What's a big-hearted cowboy to do?"

The story and characters in Happy New Year Baby Fortune just never caught me.  Leanne Banks used several popular tropes.  They are popular because the usually work. They should have.  The characters were well drawn, the plot well thought out but I just never felt the emotion that I expected.  I think the less said the better so let me just finish with I was disappointed in the book.

Harlequin published HappyNew Year, Baby Fortune by Leaanne Banks.

I received a free ARC of Happy New Year, Baby Fortune from Netgalley.

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