Sunday, December 29, 2013

How to Run With a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper

Paranormal Romance

What Goodreads says:

Anna Moder has just witnessed a shooting, seen her car pulverized, and rescued a wounded stranger only to discover he’s really a werewolf. And by her recent standards, things are actually looking up. Lycanthropes don’t faze Anna. Doctoring a wolf pack outside Grundy, Alaska, is the closest thing to home life she’s known in years. But hitching a ride to Anchorage with long-absent pack member Caleb Graham—that’s a risk. Part of her itches to whack his nose with a newspaper. The rest is trying unsuccessfully to keep her own paws off every delicious inch of him.

The problem is—Caleb employs his lupine tracking abilities as a notquite- legal bounty hunter, and Anna is suspicious of both him and his profession. On the run from her past, with old problems closing in, she’d like to stay far, far away from anybody with connections to the law. Caleb, however, seems determined to keep her close. Are his intentions noble, or is he working a more predatory angle?

Anna’s been dreaming of returning to a semi-normal life, but now she’s experiencing a strange new urge . . . to join Caleb in running with the wolves.

This is a cute paranormal romance story and is book three in the Naked Werewolf series.  It does a good job of standing alone.  I did not realize it was part of a series until I had finished the book.

This is a story were both are keeping a secret and that secret is what they know about the other.  Anna knows that Caleb is a werewolf and Caleb has been hired to find Anna.  While Anna’s secret is not that earth shattering, Caleb’s almost ends their romance.

I enjoyed the story, the writing and the characters.  Molly Harper  writes interesting and fun stories and How to Run with a Naked Werewolf is no exception.  Pick this one up for a fun read.

Pocket Books published How To Run With a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper in 2013.

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