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Blind Faith (Sin Brothers #3) by Rebecca Zanetti

Romantic Suspense

From Goodreads:

A betrayal he couldn't forget . . .

For Nate Dean, love is a four-letter word. As part of a secret black-ops military unit, he and his brothers were genetically engineered by the government to be ruthless soldiers with an expiration date. They were loyal only to one another . . . until Nate laid eyes on the woman who stole his heart and blew his world apart. Now, years later, his family is still paying the price for his mistake. But as time runs out, there's only one person who can save his family: the very woman Nate swore he'd never trust again.

A love she couldn't deny . . .

The moment Audrey Madison spies Nate across a crowded ballroom, she can barely breathe. He's just as undeniably sexy as she remembers, yet there's an edge to him now that's as irresistible as it is dangerous. When he asks for her help, Audrey can't refuse. But she has secrets of her own-secrets that, if Nate ever discovers them, may cost them both their lives . . .

Nate Dean is brother number three of four in this series.  The brothers escaped “The Commander” years ago only to find that they each had a chip that was set to explode embedded in their spine.  Now they are on a race to find the code that will turn the chip off.  Each brother gets a little closer to finding what they need and each brother also finds a woman to love.  In Nate’s case it is Audrey, someone from his past.

Blind Faith has both romance and suspense.  The Dean brothers are running out of time and Nate has only three weeks to find a solution to their problem.  Nate thinks that Audrey can help him find what he is looking for.  Nate and Audrey have a lot issues to work out, trust being the main one.  They join forces to find a solution to the chip and find that the attraction is still there.  I like both. They were strong and able to work on getting over the past while hoping for a future.  Look for a big surprise near the end, something 
unexpected that gives hope to the other couples in the series.

The next book is scheduled for March of 2015 when we will find out if they find the code to disable the chips.  If they don’t it will be a very different ending to a series

Forever (Grand Central Publishing) published Blind Faith by Rebecca Zanetti in 2014.

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