Sunday, June 15, 2014

Steadfast (The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier) by Jack Campbell

Science Fiction

From Goodreads: 

 Geary and the crew of the Dauntless have managed to safely escort important alien representatives to Earth. But before they can make tracks for home, two of Geary’s key lieutenants vanish. The search for his missing men leads Geary on a far-flung chase, ultimately ending at the one spot in space from which all humans have been banned: the moon Europa. Any ship that lands there must stay or be destroyed—leaving Geary to face the most profound moral dilemma of his life.

To make matters worse, strains on the Alliance are growing as the Syndics continue to meddle. Geary is ordered to take a small force to the border of Syndic space. But what he finds there is a danger much greater than anyone expected: a mysterious threat that could finally force the Alliance to its knees.

As Geary spearheads a desperate battle to protect the Alliance against a shrewd and powerful enemy, he’s left with just one question: Who are they?

I said when Campbell started the second series featuring Jack Geary I did not see how he could keep the same level of tension that he had in the first set of books.  After reading the first Beyond the Frontier books I admitted he has succeeded.  I was expecting the same in Steadfast but it just was not there.  What was there was information needed for the story to continue but it just was not exciting.  I kept reading expecting the book to pick up but it did not until the very end.  That part was exciting and sets up the next book.  If you are a fan of the series as I am you will want to read Steadfast and like me you will be looking forward to the next book.  Just don’t expect the same level of tension that is present in previous books.  Instead Steadfast is like many middle books in a series it is just a filler to set up the next book.

Ace published Steadfast by Jack Campbell in 2014.

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