Thursday, June 19, 2014

Island in a Sea of Stars by Kevin J Anderson

Science Fiction Novella

An adventure from The Saga of Shadows: The Dark Between the Stars Kevin Anderson’s new trilogy out this June.  Island in a Sea of Stars is a prequel to the new trilogy set in the same universe and 20 years after the conclusion of his seven book series Saga of the Seven Suns.

I loved the Saga of the Seven Suns and purchased each book as soon as it was released.  I was thrilled to see that Anderson was returning with a new trilogy set in the same universe.  Island in a Sea of Stars is a prequel to that new series.  I read it free on the Tor website and after I finished I can’t wait to read The Dark Between the Stars, the first book in the new trilogy.

Island in a Sea of Stars tells the story of Garrison Reeves, his wife Elisa Reeves and Lee Iswander.  Reeves predicts a big disaster at Ilwander’s facility, Elias and Iswander ignore his warning so he takes his son and leaves.  Everything unfolds from there.  Elisa chases Garrison, the disaster happens and a new discovery set the stage for the series.  All in all a great introduction.

The DarkBetween the Stars is already out.  Go read the prequel free and then dig into the book.

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