Friday, December 9, 2016

Book Beginnings and The Friday 56 - December 9th, 2016

I'm linking up with Rose City Reader for Book Beginnings and Freda's Voice for Page 56. Check out the links above for the rules and for the posts of the participants each week. Pick the closest book on your book stack and join the fun.

The Beginning:

"Rico hurled himself behind the huge trunk of a tree and stood, back pressed against the rough bark, as the missiles whizzed past."

Page 56:

"Tell me. Why were you with the rebels? You seem a little too..." He studied her trying to think of the correct word. "Normal"maybe, but he had an idea that Skylar was far from normal."

From Break Out by Nina Croft. This is another book I purchased at my library's used book store. I read Break Out when it first came out and loved it. It was a novella then and I have a ebook copy. Croft expanded it to book length so I decided to pick it up for my favorites shelf. If you like Science Fiction Romance and have not read this you should. It is book one in the Dark Desires series and a great introduction to Rico, a 2000 year old vampire, and the Blood Hunter, his space ship.


  1. Sounds tempting, even though it's a little outside my comfort zone. Thanks for sharing, and here's mine: “WHEN ALL THE GIRLS HAVE GONE”

  2. Sounds interesting! Here is my 56 and BB:

  3. This sounds interesting! I don't think I've read a science fiction novel that actually has vampires. Thanks for mentioning this book. :-)

  4. Lots of action in the opening. I'd keep reading to find out more. I'm curious about Skylar and the rebels in the 56 excerpt too.
    My Friday post features BEYOND THE ASHES.

  5. That passage from Break out sounds really good!

    Here’s my Friday 56!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  6. I'd love to read on! Sounds good! Happy weekend!

  7. Happy reading! Library book sales can be the best. :)

    Lauren @ Always Me


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