Sunday, July 30, 2017

Short and Sweet Book Reviews # 122 - Until You Loved Me by Brenda Novak, Not His Werewolf by Annie Nicholas, Spellbinder by Thea Harrison

Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, #3)Until You Loved Me by Brenda Novak
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There are several familiar tropes in Until You Loved Me but they all work to make a interesting and riveting story. Ellie Fisher walks on the wild side after finding her fiancé in bed with another man. She is just not the one night stand type but it was fun to see her break out of her usual mode. Too bad that something unexpected happens as a result. Hudson King is named for the two streets where he was found as a new born. He does not let anyone near. In his life everyone has left him and he just does not believe in a permanent relationship. The two are made for each other they just have a hard time believing it. Novak usually tackles a serious issue in her books and this one is no exception. Ellie is a scientist looking for a cure for diabetes. Another very serious issue came up when Hudson tries to find his birth parents. That one added a lot of tension to the plot. I hated to see the book end as both characters were part of such a great story.

I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Not his Werewolf: Shifter Romance (Not This Series Book 2)Not his Werewolf: Shifter Romance by Annie Nicholas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved the start of Not his Werewolf. Animal control shot a tranquilizer dart into a werewolf and then had a panic attack. Betty Newman, a werewolf who cannot shift, comes to the rescue and the unexpected happens. When Ken Birch wakes up in the cage at Betty's animal shelter he knows he has found his soul mate but nothing is as easy he he thinks it will be. I loved Betty and how she tries to take care of everyone around her. Ken is so mixed up and confused. Finding his soul mate was not suppose to be this hard. A fun story with a lot of laughs before getting to the HEA. I realized why Betty could not shift about half way through. For added fun see if you pick up the hint.

Spellbinder (Moonshadow, #2)Spellbinder by Thea Harrison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Morgan was the villain in the first book of the series. Now we get to know him and why he does what he does. He has managed to find a little freedom from the Fae Queen who controls him. When his path crosses musician Sidonie Martel his life changes. Puck is back making trouble and he makes it double for Sidonie trying to get back at Morgan. There is a secret that Morgan cannot tell but when Sidonie realizes what it is it is a game changer. There is tension and trouble enough for several books before Morgan and Sidonie get to their HEA. I loved how Morgan round ways to help Sidonie and how she saw who Morgan inspire of what the Fae Queen made him do. This is a spinoff from the original Elder Races books and some of the characters from that series do make cameo appearances. If you liked that series you will love this one.

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