Friday, October 24, 2008

Baen Books

If you like Science Fiction and you like to read on a hand held reading device or on your computer you should check out Baen Books. Baen sells the entire release for each month (usually 6 books) for $15.00 or you can buy individual books for $5.00. The monthly list is a mix of new releases, first releases in paperback and re-released titles. If you want an old favorite just check their catalog. Baen often picks up authors who no longer have a publisher but have a loyal following. Steve Miller and Sharon Lee, authors of the Liaden books, are an example of authors who arrived at Baen after their publisher went out of business. If you can’t wait for a certain book to be published check and see if it is released as an ARC. These usually come out months before the regular publication date and sell for $15.00. Authors like David Weber, David Drake, Catherine Asaro, Elizabeth Moon, John Ringo and Eric Flint are published by Baen. For those of us who read all the time Baen Books helps stretch our book buying dollars. Check out

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