Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin.

My son introduced me to this series last spring (2008). He had me read The Hedge Knight, a short story, to introduce me to George R.R. Martin’s writing style. I liked how he wrote so I read A Game of Thrones. Be warned if you like A Game of Thrones you will want to read the entire series. I have now read all the published volumes in the series. I have a few other warnings about reading A Game of Thrones. You never know who is going to be killed off. No characters are safe, main characters, secondary characters, any can go, new characters are introduced and some characters disappear leaving you wondering when or if they will reappear. The books are written in a series of small scenes. Each scene features one of the important characters. As you read you are being switched from character to character, and from place to place. It could be confusing, but Martin in A Game of Thrones and each of the succeeding books, keeps the pace of the action moving forward. Martin is a perfectionist and as a result has taken a long time to write each book. Deadlines come and go and fans will still be waiting for the next book in the series. If you start reading now you can skip waiting for the books already published, but you will join the rest of us waiting for the next book. I have favorite characters in the series and am anxiously waiting the next book in The Song of Fire and Ice series. I have watched 2 deadlines come and go. All I can do is wait. For more information visit George R.R. Martin's web site at

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