Monday, October 20, 2008

Victoria Thompson's Gaslight Mystery Series

I purchased Murder on Astor Place the first book in the Gaslight Series several year ago and was immediately hooked. Victoria Thompson has written a very well researched series set in New York during the time Teddy Roosevelt was cleaning up the New York Police Department. Each book (there are currently 10) looks at the different groups that lived in New Your during this time. One main character is Sarah Brandt, the daughter in a upper crust New York family. She has broken with her family and is a mid-wife to the people in the lower classes in New York. Frank Malloy is a Irish cop who trys to blend the culture of the Police Department with good police work. They are the product of two very different classes and under ordinary condition would never have met. The two main characters are very well developed. The pacing of the stories and the tension between the two characters is well written. The secondary characters are well written and very believeable. I own copies of the entire series and have loaned them out friends who have loved them as much as I do. The series is best read in order. If you love mysteries this is good series read and enjoy. I hope Victoria continues to write about Sarah and Frank and the mysteries they solve together.

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