Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Husband Trap by Tracy Anne Warren

Violet and Jeannette are identical twins, or almost identical twins. Violet is bookish, wears glasses to see and is painfully shy; Jeannette is a social butterfly, the favorite daughter, spoiled and willful. Two hours before her wedding to the handsome Duke of Raeburn Jeannette backs out. To keep the family from the ruin and scandal this will cause Violet takes her place. This is an old plot trick that is used for a fresh and entertaining story. I could not help but pull for Violet. She is a such a charming character. The Duke misses all the clues but I still liked him. On the other hand I was glad to see Jeannette disappear early in the book and stay gone until the end. If you like romance and light entertainment this is a book for you. Even though you know where the book will end, it is fun to follow Violet and the Duke’s journey.

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