Friday, October 31, 2008

Dauntless, The Lost Fleet, by Jack Campbell

John “Black Jack” Geary was discovered in his hibernation capsule one hundred years after he fought in the first battle against the Syndics. He finds that he is a legend, a legend that far exceeds his actual deeds. His time in service makes him the senior officer in the Alliance fleet that has just suffered a stunning defeat and is trapped in Syndic space. It becomes Geary’s duty to get the fleet back to Alliance Space. The plot sounds familiar; other authors have used it with varying degrees of success. Jack Campbell in Dauntless, The Lost Fleet uses it extremely well. I was hooked from the first page. In Dauntless, The Lost Fleet Geary starts on an adventure that will last through 6 books. Four of the books have been released. The fifth comes out in April of 2009. I have watched John Geary grow as the series progresses. The plot also expands and grows as the series continues. The first book has enough action and adventure to hook anyone who loves Science Fiction Space Opera. You get an extra bonus if you love Military Science Fiction. Jack Campbell is a pen name for John Hemry, a retired Navy Officer. He uses his military experience to write believable military stories. Dauntless, The Lost Fleet is a well planned start to a great series. Look for another story that uses the same premise, being tossed forward in time, tomorrow.

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