Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Prize By Debra Doggett

Futuristic Romance

I loved this book. Debra Doggett has written a beautifull paced book with the right amout of tension between Cardis (the female) and Stellan (the male). Stellan is a native of a backward planet where the spaceship Cardis is traveling on crashes. Using a tradition from Cardis's planet Stellan has three days to convince her take him as her lifetime mate. The premise is not new but the author gives it fresh new life. (more)

Both characters have issues that are easy to identify with. I hated for the book to end and I hope this is just the first book Debra Dogget publishes. The book is published by Wild Rose Press and is available only as a e-book. You can purchase this at Fictionwise, Amazon Kindle and Wild Rose Press.

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by JC Jones
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